Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Free philosophy ebooks

Yesterday, I came across a link to wowio. They have a catalogue of free ebooks, including ones from major publishers. The ebooks are in PDF format, and come with an advertising page at the beginning and end. You can download three a day. Their philosophy catalog includes a handful of good OUP titles, by authors like Thomas Nagel, Terence Irwin, Philip Kitcher and Roy Sorensen. They also have Aquinas' De Malo. Other goodies, outside the philosophy section, include Hawking's The Theory of Everything. A good way to get to good books is to go to different subject areas, and then choose "Oxford University Press" as the publisher.


Alexander R Pruss said...

Things have changed. While reading the books on Wowio is free, the downloads now have price tags. However, when I went to Proof and Knowledge in Mathematics, it said that the download is $135, but "Free with Credit". I clicked on the link, and it said that I am getting it free as a gift from EA Sports. And sure enough, now I have the PDF file.

The same seems true of their other philosophy books as far as I could check. So it looks like they've added price-tags--sometimes outrageous ones--but most if not all of the philosophy books are still free as a gift from the sponsor.

On the other hand, newer titles in a lot of other categories one actually has to pay for if one doesn't want to read online.

Alexander R Pruss said...

And now the major publishers, at least in philosophy, are gone. Oh well.

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