Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Principle of Sufficient Reason, now in paperback

Shame-free self-promotion: I was looking on Amazon, and it looks like my Principle of Sufficient Reason book is now available in paperback (oddly, rather less expensive than the Kindle edition), while Actuality, Possibility and Worlds can be preordered in hardback and paperback.


Andrew said...

Nice! Do you have a summary of Actuality, Possibility and Worlds?

Alexander R Pruss said...

I think this old paper of mine still contains the heart of the book.

Marc said...

Dr. Pruss:

Congratulations on the new book. And now that your Principle of Sufficient Reason is available in paperback, I might have to treat myself to a belated Christmas present.

Mind if I ask a quick question about your paper "The Actual and the Possible"? Regarding truthmakers for negative existential propositions, you wrote:

"One could posit a negative state of affairs, such as there not being any seven-legged dogs, but that would trivialize the truthmaker theory."

Why exactly would this trivialize truthmaker theory? I'm under the (relatively uninformed) impression that employing states of affairs or facts has come fashionable among truthmaker theorists, at least when there are no plausible candidates among the available concreta.

Mike Almeida said...

congratulations, alex!

Alexander R Pruss said...

On reflection, maybe it does not trivialize it. I think I was thinking of states of affairs in an ontologically non-serious way, like most people think of holes, and like I think of artifacts. In that case, we do get trivialization. But if one takes them ontologically seriously, then there is no trivialization.

Douglas Groothuis said...

Is there any chance your publisher could send me a review copy?

Doug Groothuis, Ph.D.
Denver Seminary
6399 S Santa Fe Dr.
Littleton, CO 80120


Alexander R Pruss said...

You can look for information on review copies here.