Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Spinoza graphs

R. F. Tredwell has the data for generating a logical dependency graph of Spinoza's Ethics. I converted the data into DOT format so it can be used with GraphViz, and used GraphViz's dot to generate visual representations.

Here is a giant zoomable graph of the whole Ethics.  (There a "View original" link there, to download the original jpeg.)

Potentially more interesting are the individual graphs of the five parts of the Ethics.  Each graph includes the items from the part in question, as well as the dependencies from earlier parts.  (Again, there is a "View original" link for each which downloads the jpeg file.)
Here is some additional material:

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Alexander R Pruss said...

I updated the graphs as follows:
1. Color and shape coding of definitions/axioms/propositions.
2. In Ethics 2-5 graphs, list prerequisites from previous parts on top.