Tuesday, May 19, 2015


A week or two ago, Google stopped supporting the authentication protocol used by my commandline tool for posting posts to my blog. I downloaded a new set of commandline tools for posting to blogger and integrated it into my script. Turns out the new tools used OATH, which Google coincidentally phased out in favor of OATH2 a few days later. :-( I still need to find the right tools. The problem is that (a) I prefer editing my posts from the commandline with vim than typing them into Blogger's web interface, and (b) I had a lot of simplified TeX-like math processing in my posting script as well as other conveniences, say for numbered propositions. I considered switching to MathJAX, but MathJAX is annoyingly slow--it first shows the web page with the TeX codes, and then redraws. Moreover, the font doesn't match most of my text. So I reverted from MathJAX. I am hoping I can adapt the b.sh package to do the job--from its source code it looks like it does OATH2.

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