Sunday, March 27, 2016

Christ is risen!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Here are Easter eggs in Minecraft generated using my python script (included with Raspberry Jam Mod). The middle one is based on the design here (I am trusting that the amount of deformation and transformation is sufficient that it not be a copyright issue to post the Minecraft version).

Here are instructions on making eggs like that.

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Gary said...

Are our pastors telling us the truth?

Are Christian pastors honest with their congregations regarding the evidence for the Resurrection? Is there really a "mountain of evidence" for the Resurrection as our pastors claim or is the belief in the Resurrection based on nothing more than assumptions, second century hearsay, superstitions, and giant leaps of faith?

Check out this Christian pastor's defense of the Resurrection and a review by one of his former parishioners who lost his faith and is now an nonbeliever primarily due to the lack of good evidence for the Resurrection: