Friday, May 15, 2020

Progress on Norms, Natures and God

In the fall, I opened a github repository for my in-progress Norms, Natures and God book manuscript, but all I had was a table of contents. I’ve finally started to regularly contribute text to the book. You can monitor my progress here, and you’re welcome to submit suggestions and bug reports via the Issues page.

Don’t count on the repository being available permanently: it will disappear when it’s time to submit to a publisher. (My preferred way to write books is to write them and then submit the whole draft to a publisher.)


Robert said...

What is your estimation on the page-length? Given how systematic this is, I would assume at least 500+ pages?

Alexander R Pruss said...

I've learned to write more briefly than I used to.

MiloŇ° said...

the 17th century equivalent to arXiv preprint archive.

I think this line should be included in every encyclopedia entry and biographical work on Marin Mersenne.

I will pray for successful work on this book.