Monday, November 21, 2011

Actuality, Possibility and Worlds, and Principle of Sufficient Reason for Kindle

I just noticed that my Actuality, Possibility and Worlds book is available for Kindle for under $18. I actually didn't even know (or at least remember) it was available for Kindle.

Update: And The Principle of Sufficient Reason is available for about the same price, too.


James Bejon said...

Completely unrelated to your book, I'm afraid, but I was just wondering: What do you make of the act of remembering in terms of knowledge? Quite often I forget things but at the same time I feel fairly sure that, given sufficient time, I can remember them. I forget, for instance, the name of the actor who starred in a particular film. But it's on the tip of my tongue and once I concentrate for a moment I can remember it. Is it right to say that I "know" such things?

Jarrett Cooper said...

Prof. Pruss,

Speaking of books. Do you know when your book--One Body: An Essay in Christian Sexual Ethics--will be released? Have things been moving smoothly?

some kant said...

Yup, I was going to ask about the ethics book. I saw the table of contents and it looks good.

Alexander R Pruss said...

Notre Dame University Press is slow about the love book. They haven't given me a timeline.

Alexander R Pruss said...


I think you do have the belief. After all, isn't it a matter of degree? Some things take half a second to recall, some half an hour.

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