Tuesday, April 17, 2012


A sufficient condition for multilocation is being wholly present, at the same time, in two or more disjoint locations. This condition is not necessary, however. Two bosons, unlike two fermions, can share exactly the same location. Suppose that tomorrow I will travel back in time, and then very gently touch the shoulder of my blog-posting self, in such a way that a boson from my time-traveling self is co-located with a boson from my blog-posting self. In that case, surely, I am multilocated, but I am not wholly present at two disjoint locations, but at two slightly overlapping locations.

Fortunately, by making use of the notion of being present at a location (where I count as present wherever any of me is present) in addition to the notion of being wholly present at a location we can easily account for multilocation:

  • An object x is multilocated at time t if and only if that there are two disjoint locations, L1 and L2, such that at t, x is wholly present in L1 and present in L2.

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Dagmara Lizlovs said...

Thank you for your explanation. Now I know how Padre Pio was able to bi-locate.