Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another argument against an infinite past?

I wonder if this very neat argument can't be used to provide another Grim Reaper style argument against an infinite past? The argument nicely fits with the intuition that Grim Reaper induces in me, namely that no event can have an infinite number of events in its causal history.


Husain Alshehhi said...

I am not sure if that makes much sense, because I don't see clearly how is it that one can guess the next toss even if the first ones matches the representative. The first few tosses have no causal relation on the next toss. Hence there is always 50% chance that it will agree with the next guess. I would like to see if there is a proof that with that method, it is the case that the guesses will eventually agree (surely) with the tosses but in finite many times. :/

Husain Alshehhi said...

I mean, there might be infinitely many Representative that agree with the first finite many tosses.