Thursday, September 22, 2016

The meaning of life

The meaning of life is a contingent constant of the story about the same as the particles.

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What's that? Well, I had some fun running 6mb worth of my blog posts through this character-based recurrent neural network trainer which is based on this. I then followed an online suggestion and prompted it with "The meaning of life is " and let it generate text mimicking my posts (temperature = 0.4). I find the first sentence kind of interesting. What's cool is that the system starts out without any knowledge of language. It works character by character, eventually figuring out how to make sequences of characters that look like words, how to punctuate, capitalize, insert HTML formatting, etc. The grammar often leaves something to be desired, and it has a tendency to get stuck generating giant sentences with lots of clauses (guess whose writing taught it that?).

Some other quotations, with the temperature value listed (the higher the temperature, the more randomness in the output):

If this is something like the same as the proposition that p is true that the moral reason to be sufficient to do any necessity of the probability that it is the problem of the same probability that the principle and sex and the probability of the same reason to do the reason to be a difference between the problem of the probability of the problem of the same explanation of a sentence is a concept of the probability to the problem of the probability that the probability of a proposition that the contradiction is that the same thing that is the same thing to say that the probability that the proposition that the concept of a property of the proposition p to the probability that it is true and the argument is the argument is that the same thing in the above existence is that the other conditions are not the probability of the same probability of the state of the same as the probability that the same sentence that are not true and the same token, we can also be a stronger than an object of B is a proposition that the probability of the same time [0.3]
The problems think that a promise of the predicates are not human beings and interesting assumption that the presentist stands the correct conscience can be in Case, the strangers are more conversion of the world, not true, for short where P(BK(x1 be the only simple condition to be a physical probability of the like right. </li></ol> where the only quite a very organism is measurable acts should insisted to exist. [0.7]
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