Tuesday, December 6, 2016

3D-printable cookie cutters with Inkscape and OpenSCAD

We thought that our 4-year-old would enjoy a Pikachu cookie cutter for Christmas, but I didn't like the existing designs on Thingiverse. So I wrote a Python script, eventually packaged into an Inkscape extension, that generates a 3D-printable OpenSCAD file from a color-coded SVG path file. Instructions are here.



Unknown said...

dang, father points +

Unknown said...

Oh, Dr. Pruss--you emphatically HAVE to see this. Alvin Plantinga's interview on AC and proper function and reliability is the most inspiring philosophical talk he's given yet:


skip to 0:27 for his first comments

Jim K said...

Is the source code for this extension available? I'd like to try and add a missing feature.

Alexander R Pruss said...

Yup: https://github.com/arpruss/gcodeplot