Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Presentism and multiverses

  1. It is possible to have an island universe whose timeline has no temporal connection to our timeline.

  2. If presentism is true, it is not possible to have something that has no temporal connection to our timeline.

  3. So, presentism is not true.


entirelyuseless said...

This seems similar to an argument that presentism cannot be true because it is inconsistent with the theory of relativity, since the theory of relativity denies in many cases that there is an absolute fact of the matter of whether two events are at the same time or different times.

Both arguments seem correct. Presentism is false.

Sean Killackey said...

Could this count as a temporal connection:

Suppose that God tells me that there is, in another universe, an orphan named Sean. I like his name (and it's spelled correctly too), so I pray that he get adopted. In response to this prayer, God tells some married couple in this other universe (they're all human beings, by the way) to adopt the child. He wouldn't have done so had I not prayed. Or is my action only logically prior to their action?