Sunday, August 19, 2018

I saw the ship of Theseus in Vancouver


Philip Rand said...

While standing on Neurath's boat.

Poor you.

Remmi300blk said...


Philip Rand said...

Dr Pruse

I note only a single Canadian flag in the picture?

In Canada, there are millions of Canadian flags on view... they are everywhere (even more flags than what Americans display)... I figure, this is what has given you your ideas concerning, I am surprised at seeing only a single flag.

Hmmmmmm….. maybe you were wearing a small Canadian flag button? Or do you only wear a Canadian flag insignia when you are in the States?

Alexander R Pruss said...

Millions. How many millions? Let's say five million flags. Well, Canada is 10 million square kilometers. So, that's only only flag per two square kilometers. :-)

Philip Rand said...

Well once when I travelled from Pearson airport to London, Ont... I counted 332 Canadian flags...I couldn't help myself, I was so amazed at the plethora of flags.