Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Infinity, Causation, and Paradox

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Atno said...

Do you discuss relevant consequences of finitism/causal finitism for different areas? Besides the "regress problem" for cosmological arguments, I think causal finitism plausibly implies the falsity of extreme modal realism/Lewis's proposal - unless I'm mistaken about that. If all logically possible worlds are actual, then we have an actual infinity of possible worlds, and for some arbitrary effect it is plausible that it can possibly be the result of +1 cause (in other words, in pw1 e is caused by a causal chain consisting of c1; in pw2, e is caused by c1 which is caused by c2; in pw3, e caused by c1 caused by c2 caused by c3... and so on). So causal finitism plausibly gives us a reason to reject Lewisian worlds.

Alexander R Pruss said...

I discuss implications for physics and kalaam.

I am not sure I follow your argument. The Lewisian story you give does not make the same event caused by infinitely many events, because the events in the different worlds are numerically different. So it's e1 in w1 caused by c11, e2 in w2 caused by c21 and c22 and so on.

Heavenly Philosophy said...

Do you have any resources to learn the more advanced mathematics in this book?

Heavenly Philosophy said...

I guess I found it.