Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Racquet sports

With the gym shut down, my teenage son and I have been exploring the world of racquet sports, including some more obscure ones. We love badminton, but we’ve been having too much wind (and pretty much any wind is too much for semi-serious badminton), so we also got a crossminton set. That was fun, though after the recent storms the wind is too high even for crossminton. Tennis has also worked for us, and is much more wind-tolerant, but I can't do it as often due to the danger of injury. We sometimes play ping pong on our kitchen table, but the table is a bit too small for a really good game (and the kitchen a bit too small for a larger table).

I also made wooden paddles for Goodminton / Jazzminton for light play with our seven-year-old. Sadly, it’s harder than advertised, at least for her, but I have been enjoying solo play, rallying with myself, one paddle in each hand. They could easily have been cut by hand, but I used my CNC router. The build instructions, with links to stl and svg files, are here.

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Alexander R Pruss said...

So far this summer we've played:
- tennis
- badminton
- crossminton
- Goodminton/Jazzminton
- ping pong
- racquetball
- pickleball (today)