Wednesday, June 10, 2020

My new mask

I got myself a 3M 6300 half-face mask with P100 filters. Unfortunately, these have an exhalation valve so that any germs one has are breathed out at other people. So I put some cotton cloth in the exhalation valve, so that others at least get the same benefit they would if I was wearing a single layer cotton mask (or better, because the fit of the mask is superb--none of that air leaking around the nose that I had with my home-made masks), and I removed the exhalation-block valves at the P100 filters so a large portion of the outgoing air gets routed through them.

I look really weird in it. (My mom says it's World War I in pink.) But it's quite a bit more comfortable for breathing than my home-made fitted cloth mask (dual layer: microfiber washcloth plus cotton T-shirt) was, the straps are really comfy and spread the pressure really well, and the silicone lining fits really well.

I went to the grocery store. I was self-conscious and wondered about odd looks. Nothing, except for very friendly though slightly amused smiles from one older lady. The weird isn't so weird these days.

Update: I put the exhalation-block valves back to protect the P100 filters from my moisture, and printed a clip-on front filter holder for protecting others from my exhalations. I put a combination of shop-towel and cotton T-shirt in the exhalation filter. If the shop-towel I used is as good as the blue shop towels that have been tested, the result is N95-level protection for others from me and P100-level protection for me from others. I am planning to get another mask and look into ways of modifying it for sound projection (e.g., removing valves, using thinner home-made filters, but still keeping the fit which is incredibly good) so I can use it while teaching in the fall. Maybe I can make a filter holder that takes a microphone, even.


Walter Van den Acker said...

You look much better than before.

Guarded Acumen said...

Don't worry one bit about the stares ;D

Alexander R Pruss said...

Amazon now has these respirators for the general public.

Dagmara Lizlovs said...


You look like a Super Hornet pilot ready to pull some g's.

Alexander R Pruss said... a minivan.

Dagmara Lizlovs said...

It is possible to pull a g or two in a minivan.