Tuesday, October 19, 2021


I am planning in the future on deleting comments whose style falls short of academic standards of civility due to such things as sarcasm, insults, ungrounded accusations, or a general failure of a measured, calm and respectful tone. I would probably have already done so if other people than I were the targets of the violations of civility, but in the future I plan to do so even when I am the target, in the interests of discouraging uncivil discourse. Moreover, commenters should count on a high likelihood of being banned after about three violations, and earlier if the violations are more egregious. If your comment is deleted, feel free to re-post in better style. If you've been banned and want to be reinstated, email me.


Ibrahim Dagher said...

This is very good to hear. Civility is essential to any academic environment.

Francis S said...

Sounds good to me.

Unknown said...

Perfect 👍.