Tuesday, May 24, 2022


I'm trying to thin the herd of old computers at home. I realized that the only real reason I had a 20-year-old Linux box at home was if I ever wanted to use a 3.5" drive in it to deal with floppies for various systems, especially my HP 1653B oscilloscope (I could get a USB floppy drive for one of the laptops at home, but they aren't usually compatible with non-DOS disk formats). 

Moreover, the 3.5" drive in the computer wasn't even working. Aligning the heads on the drive solved that problem, and then I assembled a GreaseWeazle using one of the blue pill microcontroller boards I have lying around. Then I made a 3D printable case for the messy assembly.

And now I can read and copy floppies for my oscilloscope on my laptop. :-)

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