Thursday, September 22, 2022

Video: Three Mysteries of the Concrete

Alexander Pruss, “Three mysteries of the concrete: Causation, mind and normativity”, Christian Philosophy 2022, online, Cracow, Poland, September, 2022.

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Alithea said...

Hello, Dr. Pruss. It seems like you used a lot of ideas in your blog for this lecture!
I have a few questions. First, how is your book going? I saw you haven't updated it in a while. Have you seen Joe Schmid's new book that is coming out? It's about classical theism and existential inertia. I know you have a paper about divine conservation coming up, so I would like to hear some arguments against existential inertia. Moreover, there is a book with an essay by you in it: Classical Theism by Routledge. In it, you argue for divine simplicity. Can you tell me about some arguments in it?