Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Are there animals in heaven?

This argument is not a complete answer to the question, but is a start:
  1. It is unlikely that all non-human earth animals will go extinct before the Second Coming.

  2. It is unfitting that the Second Coming be a time where all non-human earth animals go extinct.

  3. What is unfitting is unlikely.

  4. So, it is likely that some non-human earth animals will survive the Second Coming.


scott said...

It would certainly be weird if ‘the lion will lie down with the lamb’ meant that they both go extinct!

James Reveley said...

Trent Dougherty's theodicy goes one step further - there will be non-human animal saints!

A said...

All of creation will be remade anew in the fire of God's love and the light of the Resurrection.