Monday, August 4, 2014

A practical liar paradox in two words

I saw a woman with a tattoo that said only: CAVEAT LECTOR.


Dagmara Lizlovs said...

CAVEAT LECTOR - Reader Beware! This is perhaps then one of the few tattoos out there that really makes you think. Wow, a tattoo that makes you think?

Number of ways to take this message. Does it mean that anyone reading the tattoo on her is the reader that has to beware of her? Or is it that we are to beware of what we read?


While we are on this subject have you ever thought of getting yourself inked?

Alexander R Pruss said...


Dagmara Lizlovs said...

Here's some of the tattoos that I've been thinking about getting over the past few years:

1. Traditional Latvian designs from my father's or mother's part of Latvia. Something like an armband. The best thing about this design is that it is going to be me for a long, long time because I can't change my ethnicity and ancestors. Problem - need good artist, a Latvian who is knowledgeable about Latvian folk designs because they are quite intricate and each region is unique and there are several variations. If the artist makes a mistake it's not like you can correct it. Also, it needs to start with a good fine point so that touch-up can be done in later years as ink starts to bleed out.

2. The sacred heart.

3. Variation on the symbol for Saint Augustine with the arrows through the heart - flaming deer heart with cross and my hunting arrows through it.

I haven't gotten any because I have to weigh getting one and where I might be 10, 15 or 20 years from now. So it's got to be me for a good long time and not something that's subject to change.

For anyone reading my post, I have the following advice if you're off to the tattoo parlor - don't tattoo a person's name on yourself unless that person is deceased and you want to memorialize them. Case in point is a hunting buddy of mine who tattooed his wife's name on his arm. The guy went through a messy divorce and got hit hard. To cover up his wife's name he got a big Navy tattoo!

Another word of advice - a friend of mine wanted to get what she felt were some way cool tattoos among them these teardrop tattoos. Fortunately the artist explained to her what they meant - that the wearer had killed some one or had be raped while incarcerated. Not anything anyone would want to advertise. So really check out the meanings of the designs! Especially if they have any gang connections. Real gang members won't take too kindly to them.