Monday, August 4, 2014

Current task

In case anybody is interested, these days I'm working on a book with Josh Rasmussen arguing there is at least one necessary being (definition: an entity that is concrete and exists necessarily; an entity is concrete if and only if it is possibly a cause), based in part on the arguments on We've got about 40000 words so far:

$ wc -w chapter?.tex
3019 chapter1.tex
7945 chapter2.tex
12295 chapter3.tex
9255 chapter4.tex
435 chapter5.tex
6676 chapter7.tex
4547 chapter8.tex
44172 total

I'm in the middle of chapter 8, which is a variant of my Goedelian ontological argument, with a special focus on the negative formulation.


MiloŇ° said...

Of course there are interested folks here, including me. Rasmussen's work was really discovery for me and I am awaiting now to get his first book.

What tools do you use to make statistics for your writings?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I really want this book!

HC Guest Blogger said...

Dear Dr. Pruss, are you sure we need an infinite number of GRs for the paradox to work? I think we can replace that infinity with a single GR that is programmed to check the clock at the same intervals, which you have specified for your infinity of GRs. So if he checks the clock at time t and sees that he hasn't killed Fred yet, he kills Fred. But he can't kill Fred at t, because he should have done that at t0, etc. - in other words, he never can start killing Fred because he should always have killed him earlier.


1. the paradox doesn't establish the impossibility of an actual infinite, because we can reformulate it using only 1 GR (or a finite number of them that fall asleep again, for example).

2. The paradox is more or less a restatement of the classic Zeno's paradox about Achilles that can't start running.

Alexander R Pruss said...

Josh checked in a lot more of his work. :-)

$ wc -w chapter?.tex
3019 chapter1.tex
7945 chapter2.tex
12293 chapter3.tex
9253 chapter4.tex
5930 chapter5.tex
8543 chapter6.tex
6676 chapter7.tex
5781 chapter8.tex
59440 total

Alexander R Pruss said...


These stats are from just running the standard Linux/Unix/etc wc utility (in a cygwin shell).

Guest Blogger:

But can one program it to do all of these infinitely many checks?