Thursday, September 17, 2015

Reality of change and change of reality

B-theorists are often accused of destroying the reality of change. That's a false accusation. B-theorists may have a reductive theory of change (to change is nothing but to have a property at one time and lack it at another), but they no more deny the reality of change than people who have a reductive theory of bachelorhood (to be a bachelor is nothing but to be a never-married marriageable man) deny the reality of bachelorhood.

However, there is a charge in the vicinity that does stick. While we B-theorists believe in the reality of change, there is an important sense in which we don't believe reality changes, since what is true simpliciter is always true simpliciter. Events don't become real or cease to be real. So we can say that we believe in the reality of change but not the change of reality.

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