Wednesday, June 29, 2016


For quite some time, my older daughter has wanted me to make her Great Wolf Lodge Magiquest wand do something at home. So I made a simple IRToWebThingy (the link gives build instructions). It takes infrared signals in many different infrared remote controls and makes them available over WiFi. As a result, we can now watch Netflix with a laptop and a projector and the ceiling and play/pause with the Magiquest wand (and adjust volume with our DVD remote) with a pretty simple python script. My son (with some help) made a 3D etch-a-sketch script that lets him draw in Minecraft with the DVD remote. I made a fun script that lets you fly a pig in Minecraft with a Syma S107 helicopter remote (see photo). You can even control rooted Android devices with IR remotes and shell scripts.

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